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Predictive analytics I can actually use! CabSense New York: The Smartest Way to Find a Cab Actually, I've been working on some really interesting application with Nissim Karpenstein. We're building on Android and targeting HoneyComb, or Android release 3.1. We want to augment the user experience of media, like movies, reality television, and YouTube video. I'm not really a big TV person. I like to watch episodes on Netflix ... (more)

The Difference Between Public and Private Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has essentially been private from the beginning. Google, for one, demonstrates that the world's most successful search engine runs not on an IBM Power, Sun Enterprise, or other massively powerful machine engineered for business by the go-to-vendors for computer solutions. More in keeping with its democratic, spare, and ubiquitous, engineering ethos Google created a "cloud" of white box computer - throw-away hardware servers running Linux. Rather than purchase software box-software or hire a large consulting firm to design and build the infrastructure, Google enginee... (more)

What Movers in the Cloud Stand to Win in the $444B SMB Market Space

While much discussion of the cloud assumes the needs and concerns of large enterprises will determine how the cloud evolves, in fact AAPL, MSFT, DELL, AMZN signal that the migration of the fragmented $444B annual SMB tech spend from small datacenters to the cloud will redefine the industry far sooner and on a more sweeping and final scale than presently anticipated. The move of the SMB may determine the winners and losers long before the enterprise has made a significant investment. While "smokestack" and "brick and mortar" firms remain highly susceptible to "oil price shock," e... (more)

What’s Missing from “Cloud First” in the Enterprise?

My first experience with an "inverted yield curve" was in 2000 just prior to the tech bubble bursting. I was working on a financial portal for an investment bank and one of the charts was a yield curve. It looked odd all of a sudden, so I looked it up in a book of financial terms. An inverted yield is indicated when interest rates for short-term capital are higher than interest rates for long-term capital. In other words, people are willing to pay a significant price to alleviate short-term concerns because they're focused on the now and not so concerned about one year, three yea... (more)

It's All About the Game in Social Media

Winners and Losers (Microsoft) in EA-PopCap Deal - Deal Journal - WSJ Since I last wrote about the game space, the forces of the marketplace has become more visible to me, and I think the central role online games play in the social media space now becomes a focus area. Contrary to my recommendation,  ATVI did not purchase MySpace, even at the price of $35Million. Yet today, July 13th, 2011 I learned that Electronic Arts purchased PopCap, an online game company for $1.3B. That's pretty good in my opinion. I also read today that Google owns a $100M investment in Zynga. To me these e... (more)